Our Doctors

We would like to introduce our Professional Team of Specialist Doctors. Please click on each doctor to view more information about the services they can provide you and also for your ongoing personal care and treatment, call our rooms for further details.

Dr Daryl.J Hewson
M.B.,B.S.(QLD), F.R.A.C.P., M.M.Sc

Dr Neville.L. Sandford
B.Sc.(MED), M.B.,B.S., F.R.A.C.P.

Dr Don.T Todman
M.A.,M.B.,B.S.(QLD.), F.R.A.C.P., F.R.C.P.(LOND.)

Dr W. John Storie
M.B.,B.S.(QLD.), F.R.A.C.P.


Dr Perce Tucker
M.B.,B.S., D.P.M., M.P.H., F.R.A.C.G.P., M.R.C.Psych., F.R.A.N.Z.C.P., F.A.F.P.H.M.(RACP)

Dr Thomas Mayze
M.B.,B.S., F.R.A.N.Z.C.P.

Dr Louise M. Blundell
BSc(Hons) MA(ClinPsych) DPsych
MAPS ClinCollege AFBPsS

Dr Tian H. Goh


Dr Mathew Joseph
M.B. B.S, F.R.A.C.P, Clin Dip Pall Med

Dr Andrew Marriott
M.B.,B.S., F.R.A.C.P., M.M.Sc


Dr Neville Sandford, Dr Rod Hall, Dr. Thomas Mayze and Dr W John Storie have now retired from the Brisbane Clinic, we wish them well in their retirement and future ventures.
Dr Perce Tucker wishes to advise he is no longer accepting new patients.