Dr Thomas Mayze
M.B.,B.S., F.R.A.N.Z.C.P.

Dr Thomas Mayze MB BS FRANZCP is a University of Queensland medical graduate who completed specialist training in psychiatry in 1987 and now works part time in private psychiatric practice at The Brisbane Clinic.

He specializes in the pharmacological and psychotherapeutic outpatient treatment of the following conditions:
• Mood Disorders (excluding Bipolar Disorder type 1)
• Anxiety Disorders
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
• Phobias
• Occupational performance enhancement and stress related conditions
• Psychological/Psychiatric aspects of Women’s Health and Identity issues especially as they relate to the interface of Career/Relationship/Fertility
• The co-morbidity of Mood/Anxiety Disorders with other chronic illness such as Cardiac, Connective Tissue and Respiratory conditions.

He does not offer treatment for Child/Adolescent or Geriatric disorders and does not undertake medico-legal assessments.

His preferred mode of operation is the assessment, diagnosis and stabilization of conditions with return of the Patient to his/her General Practitioner for ongoing management after satisfactory functioning is reached.

Treatment is individualized and takes into account many issues including:
• Diagnosis
• Co-morbid conditions
• Stressors
• Patient personality
• Patient life style
• Patient preferences regarding treatment options
• The impact of the condition and its treatment upon domestic, social and occupational relationships

He utilizes a full range of treatment modalities including various psychotherapies as well as pharmacotherapy if required. He is happy to co-manage patients with Psychologists, General Practitioners and other Specialists.

Consultation hours are 10AM to 5PM Tuesday to Thursday.

Fees are based on the AMA suggested fee schedule. He does not “bulk bill” or discount fees. Details of current “out of pocket” costs for consultations are available from the Brisbane Clinic on (07) 3270 4555.

He can be contacted at the Brisbane Clinic switchboard on (07) 3270 4572, 10AM to 5PM Tuesday to Thursday.