Welcome to Brisbane Clinic our Specialist Centre on the Terrace. Our beautiful Clinic was established in 1930 and is home to our professional specialist Doctors providing their expertise and personalised, caring attention for you. Lux Sanat meaning Light Heals, sets the doorway as you enter the heritage premises and are greeted by our friendly, professional staff, who will guide you to your specialist on one of our three floors. Lifts are also available for the patient’s convenience.

Please find our gallery and history pages for your viewing and journey of our Prestigious Clinic.


Our Specialist Doctors are here to welcome you and look after your health needs. With many years of combined experience, your health has never been in better hands. There are Specialist Physicians, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Gastroenterologists and

Other Health Professionals are also welcome to join our clinic and can view our Rooms for Lease page for any further information.

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